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Most Likely to Succeed

Abi SharpComment
Most Likely to Succeed

As part of the series of #BeCollective events, Our Future City was pleased to host the local premiere of education documentary 'Most Likely to Succeed' in November 2016. The event was held in partnership with not-for-profit social enterprise, Innovation Unit as part of CineCity Brighton Film Festival

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Most Likely to Succeed is a ground-breaking documentary that makes a powerful case for the transformation of modern schooling, to better prepare young people for life in the 21st-century. The film is bringing communities together, in the USA and now in the UK, to engage in lively discussion on the future of education and to inspire its audiences to revolutionise learning. 

The BeCollective screening event aimed to bring together those in the Brighton & Hove community who are interested in why schools and education are the way they are, and how they might be positively transformed in the pursuit of a radically better future.

Over 80 guests from varied backgrounds attended; from artists, arts and cultural organisations, teachers, school governors, further and higher education institutions, local businesses and policy makers all buzzing with intrigue and enthusiasm. The film was followed by questions, lively debate and discussions of what education could be like and, most importantly, what already is happening locally and across the UK. The was consensus that this is an important and timely conversation and that more discussion with different communities in the city need to take place. 

This collective screening event with Innovation Unit and Cinecity was just one step on this journey and we are keen to keep the ball rolling. There is a short extract from the film below and MLTSfilm.org also have a wide range of resources available.

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These resources are aimed at education institutes in the US, however we think they will be of interest to teachers in the UK too. The resources can act as a starting point for conversation and exploration between teachers, students, colleagues, senior learning teams, organisations and businesses.

The BeCollective screening of Most Likely to Succeed was a huge success, bringing together colleagues from across varied backgrounds, sparking ideas and realising the innovation already happening with our city. We urge anyone interested in the future of education to find out more from MLTS...

Watch this ten-minute extract from MLTS to bring those of you who haven’t seen the film up to speed, and is a great refresher for those who already have seen the film.

Essential links to MLTSfilm page for resources, discussion questions and short videos


View audience reactions to MLTS from OFC's #BeCollective screening

Most Likely to Succeed Prezi by Laura Callaghan Grooms, Senior Producer at OFC

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