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YOUNG People

Want to make some cool things happen in Brighton for you and other young people? Read on...

We believe that creativity is a ‘super-power’ we all have, which gives us skills and abilities that help us lead happy and exciting lives.

It not only makes life more fun, but helps us with things like understanding what makes us happy, solving problems, being flexible and able to adapt to change, working well with other people, being able to face up to life’s set-backs, to take risks and also learn from mistakes.

We know that you think these things are important, but you don’t always get enough of a chance to explore these things – because you’ve told us.


"Culture is essential. It is how we know who we are and how we learn about the world" - Young person, B&H #OFCcreative

"Giving young people a voice is really important in social media" - Hannah, 21, B&H #BeWell #OFCwell

"Being introduced to ‘our future city’ offered a glimpse into a more positive future" - Young person, B&H #BeWell #OFCwell


"Our cultural activity is a lifeline - as important as breathing" -Young person, B&H #BeWell #OFCwell


So we’re coming together to create some life-changing, thought-provoking, future-building, creative opportunities with YOU.

Are you ready to dream big? Do you want to realise some #creativegoals? Then get involved:

Stay in touch – sign up for our enews and follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can receive information and opportunities

Keep informed – through the news and events, advice and resources we’ll be sharing

Tell people – small actions, particularly conversations, can make a big difference. So do talk to friends and family about what’s happening and why it’s important!

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