Help us to make this happen

In 10 years time, the eight-year-olds who began their journeys through Our Future City will be at the start of their adult lives. They will be beginning to live the futures that they imagined, and that their parents could only dream about. And they will be our champions of change.

Until then, all of us working in the public, private and voluntary sectors – professionals in government, education, health, arts and culture, social services, local businesses, the creative industries – have a responsibility to help them succeed.

So at the start of this process of change, we have just three requests for you:

1. Stay in touch – sign up for our e-newsletter so you can find out more about the programme and how you can make change happen in big or small ways. You can even write for us.

2. Invest in learning – take part in our #BECOLLECTIVE events, CPD, development activities and networks for teachers and professionals, so you can better support young people and children in Brighton & Hove to achieve their potential

3. Advocate and support – small actions, particularly conversations, can make a big difference. So do talk to colleagues and young people, friends and family about what’s happening and why it’s important. Keep talking, keep sharing