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Anyone who has a young person in their life knows that they’re facing new pressures and opportunities faster than anyone can keep up. They have access to experiences and objects that we could only dream of, and many are already making positive changes to our world, and yet …

We probably all know someone who’s been touched by the current epidemic of teenage mental health problems. And we’ve all heard young people complain about not being able to learn what they believe they need to, for their future.   

 Somehow, something isn’t matching up.

We know young people need to develop skills and capabilities to help them survive and thrive today and for the future: things like solving problems, understanding how to be well and happy, being flexible and adapting to change, working well with other people, being able to face up to life’s set-backs, being able to take risks and learn from mistakes. And we know these are things that they learn through being creative.

So we’re coming together – as parents, young people, educators, policy makers, business people, creative practitioners and in other roles to change this. We’re working to make sure that every young person can learn, succeed and shape a better future through being creative, in all aspects of their life and learning.

And we’ll be creating some life-changing, thought-provoking, future-building, opportunities for the young people you care about.


For now, if you’d like to receive information and opportunities that’ll help you play your part you can:

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Tell people – small actions, particularly conversations, can make a big difference. So do talk to friends and family about what’s happening and why it’s important!

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