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We work with creatives and other professionals in a range of sectors in Brighton & Hove, and beyond, including health & social care, voluntary sector, and the arts & cultural sector. These creative professionals could be scientists, musicians, coders, doctors or museum curators, and much more... 

If you are a professional and/or a creative working with young people in Brighton & Hove, you’ll know that at this point in time they are facing unprecedented pressures: and opportunities.

We’re all working fast to keep up with the changes, work smartly, more sustainably, in meaningful partnerships, and more cost effectively so we can support young people better.

And through Our Future City, we’re coming together – as policy makers, business people, creative practitioners, educators, parents, young people, and in other roles – to work out how we can have an even greater impact, together. We want to make sure every young person can learn, succeed and shape a better future.

Team Feedback

We want to develop and share information and opportunities that’ll help you play your part and help the young people you support and care about. For now, you can:

Stay in touch – sign up for our enews and follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can receive information and opportunities

Keep informed – through the news and events, advice and resources we’ll be sharing

Tell people – small actions, particularly conversations, can make a big difference. So do talk to friends and family about what’s happening and why it’s important!

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