The five beliefs on which the programme is founded are:

  • that there is outstanding creative power, potential and potency within children and young people - if we’re able to nurture it

  • that practitioners from the creative industries, and the education and cultural sectors, have tremendous expertise and wisdom that can create remarkable impact on the lives of children and young people - when they are enabled to deliver it

  • that we can achieve greater impact by working together towards long-term, shared, powerful goals

  • that the relationship between our children and young people and the cultural life of the City is central in developing our future social, cultural and economic capital

  • that we want to learn from the most innovative and successful programmes globally such as the Music Cities movement and Strive

The four critical factors which we’ve agreed collectively and built into our programme, are:

¤ A long term (10-year) strategy – which promotes common purpose, and is underpinned by rigorous evaluation and monitoring, feeding back into the programme so it adapts and develops

¤ Five goals focused around economic and social reform:

  • Goal one - growing creativity
  • Goal two - improving well-being
  • Goal three - developing digital skillfulness
  • Goal four - enabling routes into employment    
  • Goal five - sustaining collective action and impact                                                                                                                                             

¤ Five three-year programmes of common purpose work around these goals – to place culture, creativity and young people at the heart of economic and social reform

¤ Systematic and adaptive working and learning across sectors – a collaborative approach informed by rigorous evaluation and continuous feedback and improvement