Abi SharpComment

Compelling theatre for young people

Abi SharpComment
Compelling theatre for young people


Sat 4 Mar, 6 & 8pm at The Old Market, Hove
Tickets: £8.50
Age Recommendation: 14+

Thrive is a visually stunning new production created especially for young people, taking on the challenging subject of trauma and other sensitive themes. The work is ideal for students in KS4 and older studying Drama, Psychology, Citizenship or Health/Social Work. 

Zest Theatre are also offering workshops, extra group activities and resources to compliment the show, for group bookings (group booking discounts are available, tickets are £8.50 each individually).  

The piece offers the opportunity for students to delve into the lives and minds of three young people as their world gets turned upside down by the sudden death of a friend. During the show you are stood side by side with the characters in the production, as they come to terms with their loss, work through their grief, and maybe even come out stronger for it. Despite the subject matter, Thrive isn’t a morbid piece of theatre. It is hopeful, courageous and actually really funny.

Developed in collaboration with psychologists and inspired by true stories of young people, Thrive is a life-affirming look at finding compassion, perseverance and hope in the face of adversity. 

View the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoX3MQTGlbs 

For more information and booking please visit: http://theoldmarket.com/shows/thrive/